Renewable Energy consultancy: Practical impartial advice and community energy development.

RenewEV specialises in advising clients who need practical advice for installing renewable energy, developing community energy and agent services to landowners developing energy projects to achieve carbon neutrality.

Our technical consultancy team acts as an impartial advisor to clients, to help clients clarify their objectives, create and analyse the data, design solutions, procure and project manage to hit Net Zero.

Our community energy development team develops solar and wind projects for some of the most experienced community energy organisations in the UK. Our team’s experience in this sector is deep rooted and long and our services are in high demand for what is a vital part of a fair,  community owned energy transition.

Our landowner services team assists landowners needing an energy expert in their team to advise and negotiate terms with large scale commercial developers. Our team are acting on multi-Gigawatts of projects for clients at any one time.

Our team have direct experience of: Solar PV; Solar Thermal; Heat Pumps, Biomass heating; Anaerobic Digestion; District heating; Wind Power; Battery Storage and EV charging.

What makes us different stems from our deep practical experience in Renewable Energy development, design, construction and maintenance of a wide range of renewable technology. RenewEV is also part community owned so a portion of our profits are reinvested back into communities each year.

Our Teams

RenewEV have three specialist areas within our business, centred around renewable energy expertise but all underpinned by extensive experience in the energy sector

Site Visit

We begin by understanding your current infrastructure and usage patterns, and then understand the questions that you need to have answered.

Expert Advice

We can then offer end to end support from feasibility to implementation or advise at various points along the journey

Strategic Solutions

We offer strategic advice and feasibility studies, procurement management, project management, and advice on funding options.

Why we are different

We believe that we all have a role to play in decarbonisation. That’s why we share our profits with Bath & West Community Energy. Together we can support the transition to a digitised, decentralised and decarbonised energy market.

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