Community Energy

We believe that community energy, the process of increasing the ownership, control and benefit derived by local communities from energy generation and use, is a critical tool in the fight towards net zero. A path that will require a massive shift in public consent and active support for change. Community energy can underpin this shift with an approach that builds trust in new energy markets through transparency, accountability and democratic control.

The types of development we do includes rooftop solar development, community solar farm development and on shore community wind farms. We handle everything from identification of sites, liaising with landowners and local community members, design, support with agreements and the planning process through to setting up a community energy company and getting a community on the road to fund raising for its own community projects.

Groups we work with

Bath & West Community Energy

We have a retained contract with BWCE since 2019 to develop both roof and ground mount solar for community ownership. To date we have delivered >1MWp of rooftop solar.

Bristol Energy Cooperative

We started our journey with BEC in July of 2022 to develop both roof and ground mount solar for community ownership.

Test Source Community Energy

We have supported TSCE from inception all the way through site prioritisation and formation.

Low Carbon Gordano

We have helped build a Joint Venture between LCG and BWCE to understand the feasibility of delivering rooftop solar across a Multi-Academy Trust.

Community Energy South

We have worked with CES by offering mentoring and coaching to different community groups

Grimsby Community Energy

We offer technical support to review and recommend tenders for specific sites.

Avalon Community Energy

We support ACE in the development of specific rooftop solar installations.